Dual Authentication Information

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In today’s world, more people are relying on technology than ever before. With this comes an influx of Internet crimes, like fraud and identity theft. Many companies are relying on dual authentication to combat these issues.

If you have never heard of this concept and you would like more insight, continue reading.
Dual Factor Authentication
Are you really secure?


What Is Dual Authentication?

Have you ever visited a website that required you to take additional steps to gain access after you have already supplied your password? This is the core idea of dual factor authentication. Whether you are required to head to your email and click a link or you are sent a code to your mobile phone, this is supposed to serve as an added layer of protection against digital threats.

The Advantages:

Besides the fact that people will be protected from Internet threats, there are a couple of other advantages to making dual authentication a two-step process.

– Trust: When a business is hoping to form a bond with a customer or another business, trust is the key to that. Since everyone is so worried about their security when online, knowing that a company requires users to go the extra mile to access their accounts shows that keeping others safe is essential. That goes a long way when it comes to establishing trust.

– Cost: It does not cost a great deal of money to integrate this type of system. While other security measures require large up-front costs in order to put into place, you can have something like this up and running without incurring too many fees.

– Ease Of Use: This is not a process that is very difficult, which means you will not have to pay for any advanced employee training.

The Disadvantages:

Like anything else in life, there are some disadvantages involved when using this type of authentication system.

  •  Not Foolproof: While this type of system helps reduce vulnerability, this does not mean that safety is guaranteed. Criminals find new ways to wreak havoc daily, so there is always a chance that they will be able to infiltrate a website and gain access to sensitive information.
  •  Account Recovery: Websites always have an option for people to press when they have lost their password. In many cases, special links or codes are sent via email allowing them to make adjustments and gain access to the site in question. One issue with this is the fact that this recovery feature often allows the user to gain access without performing any additional steps.

Common Myths:

There are many myths that are associated with the use of a two-step system and two of them are about to be addressed.

MYTH – Two-step authentication is a quick fix after a company has a data breach.

This is not true at all. Deploying this kind of system takes some time to ensure there will be no bumps in the road. As a result, it is not something that can be implemented overnight. There is no magic button to press or flip to switch to make this process instantaneous.

MYTH – Most users will see this as a nuisance and look to another business for what they need.

While it may seem like a pain to take more than one step to access a site, many will see it as a small price to pay to make sure they are safe.

At this point, you should have far more insight into how this works and the benefits associated with it. Whether you are a customer who is trying to understand the need for this or a business who is looking for an added layer of protection, you certainly have a lot to think about at this point.